Arthur’s Rock Trail

On Saturday Andrew and I hiked Arthur’s Rock, a hike in Lory State Park – just minutes out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

We started around 11:45 when the sun was out and it was actually relatively humid.  We were over dressed (wearing cotton– cotton is terrible in the hot sun!) and didn’t bring enough water… we just weren’t expecting a difficult hike… but it ended up being a great workout!!

The hike was gorgeous and moderately difficult.  The trail is straight up – you gain 1,500+ feet in elevation in 1.7 miles.  It’s an up and back hike totaling 3.2 miles. I’d say it’s moderately difficult because of the elevation gain and the trail conditions.  This is a good hike for an in-shape dog.

The trail is dirt, rocky at times and at the top you scramble up/climb rocks to reach Arthur’s Rock Summit.


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