Making my way through the list…

On my birthday I came up with 25 things I want to accomplish while I’m 25 years old. I just looked at the calendar and realized last week was my 25th & a half birthday!  So old!  I should be checking things off the list! Let’s see how I’m doing…

The 25 To-Dos While I’m 25

  • Run a race!  Last year Andrew and I signed up for a 10k but didn’t end up participating because of the sad news of my great aunt’s passing a couple hours before the start of the rece.  This year, I hope to run a 10k and a 1/2 marathon.  Training begins this week!  Estes Park Half Marathon in June!
  • Hike 5 14′ers — Definitely on the list: Gray’s, Torrey’s, Bierstadt, Evans
  • Watch all of the Rocky movies
  • Finish reading The New Testament
  • Read 12 books.  1 book a month shouldn’t be too difficult, I just need to make time for reading.
  • Travel somewhere out-of-state with Andrew.  This shouldn’t be too difficult since our plane tickets to San Diego have already been purchased :) Southern California in February!
  • Attend the 100th Anniversary of Bay to Breakers in San Francisco (Fail!  I skipped it and instead flew to California for Easter to visit my family)
  • Try 12 new recipes and I will be sure to post them!
  • Finish my Colorado scrapbook from years 1 & 2 of life in Colorado
  • Take the LSAT (bet you didn’t know I was considering this, huh?) (Oops!  No longer interested!)
  • Go to a Chiefs game AT Arrowhead
  • Attend a SAS reunion since I’ve missed the past few :(
  • Complete a major stuff-cleanse.  This means going through everything, and I mean everything, I own and throwing out or donating a majority of it since I probably don’t even need a majority of it.
  • Go horseback riding
  • Go camping Dunzo!  Annual bible study camping trip 🙂
  • Catch some fish.  A lot of fish. With Andrew. Caught a small mouth bass on the 4th of July weekend… and that was just the beginning 🙂
  • Take a road-trip whether that means through Colorado or somewhere else
  • Do something at Red Rocks.  Whether it be a movie night, a workout, a picnic, a show, another church service, etc…
  • Go to Snooze for breakfast
  • Finally make time for some counted cross stitch…. more specifically, make time for the one I started in 2009 that has been neglected
  • Go for a bike ride around Denver with Andrew
  • Successfully watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, even if it’s raining
  • Visit the following while I’m visiting family in California: Yukimi’s (fave restaurant), Big Sur (fave scenery), Monterey (fave place)
  • Introduce (the rest, since he’s already met some) of my family to Andrew
  • Go on a long hike with Copper in which he survives & thrives. Last year, he made it 9 long miles on a beautiful hike.  He wasn’t even sore the next day.

I have events at Red Rocks & hiking planned and am doing awesome with reading…. but I still have a lot to accomplish!  But so far, so good I suppose 🙂

1 thought on “Making my way through the list…

  1. Take a road-trip whether that means through Colorado or somewhere else —> CO to AZ

    Go to Snooze for breakfast —> i’ll go!

    Hike 5 14′ers —-> let’s do it!!!!!


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