Snow and more snow

I am not sure if you watched the news over the weekend and saw footage of the snow storm that hit Denver and surrounding areas, but if not, I can give you a quick summary.  It was the largest snowstorm for the month of February in Denver’s HISTORY.  The total snow measured in Denver was 15.9 inches, but locally people were reporting higher snow totals.  Snow drifts in my area (downtown Denver) were up to 3feet.  Ridiculous. Thank God I got a snow day from work on the Friday it all hit.  The snow started on Thursday night around 9:30pm and continued until Saturday morning at 10am.  Friday was a snow day for most of the region.

I took some pictures though they don’t really do the storm justice! (All pictures taken via IPhone4 Camera+)

My parking lot…. and Copper’s back


So glad I have garage parking!

Copper trekking

I built a little snowman on my balcony! Overlooking downtown 🙂

And finally, my little Shiba Inu enjoying the Denver snow

While I love taking pictures in the snow and I enjoy getting a snow day (but not the stress that comes bwhile waiting to find out whether or not I will have a snow day!) — the aftermath of a large scale snow storm is terrible.  Freezing days, icy roads, ice build up that lasts for days, dirty cars for days (or weeks), and dirty, dirty streets do not make for a beautiful city.

I am definitely ready to go back to Denver’s mild winter temperatures, sunny days and dry spells.

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