Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day.  I Always have.  I imagine I always will.  I don’t think I have ever been on the “I hate Valentine’s” bandwagon.  I refer to it as a bandwagon because odds are- when you’re head over heels in love with someone- you’re not going to get annoyed with the sappy, romantic antics of V Day.

I think I love Valentine’s so much because I’ve always had a person male in my life to make it special; whether that be a boyfriend, best friend, father or dog.  Yes, I said dog.  Copper is one of the most important males in my life so of course he counts.

I have a few special Valentine’s memories…

When I was 14 my dad gave me the cutest stuffed bear for Valentine’s.  Copper would later tear a hole in the foot.  And my grandma would eventually sew it back together for me.  Here is said bear several years later:

Later, in college, Dad sent me flowers on Valentine’s. I specifically remember we had a snow day during my junior year of college.  My roommates were off doing who knows what and I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the door bell ring at the apartment.  Who would venture out in the storm? It was the delivery man – he had a gorgeous bouquet of red roses.  I assumed they were from my boyfriend at the time, but no, those came a day later! Much to my surprise and excitement, they were from my dad!  His flowers made it through the blizzard.

This year, and every year I can remember, my grandparent’s sent me a Valentine’s card with a special note & surprise inside. Yesterday, I opened an envelope:

While I know it’s important to celebrate the love year round… I value Valentine’s day because it gives me the desire to sit on the floor for two hours and write sweet notes on miniature cards… and then bag them up with M&M’s and Reese’s so that Andrew has several individual bags of his favorite candy with reminders of how much he means to me included inside.  I’m probably not going to have that desire, nor will I fill that dorky, year round.

I love the pink, the red, the hearts, the flowers. I love the conversation hearts – even the ones that now have sayings that I’m almost too old to understand .  I love the cheesy cards and the over-played diamond commercials.  I love the feeling of love all around and the reminder Valentine’s day serves to men, who need it much more than women, to show their girlfriend/wife/daughter/sister/best friend how much they value her – just in case they forgot to tell her the other 364 days of the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends, Family & Fellow Bloggers

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