Back to being a full time student in less than a month..

I can’t believe I start school again in a month!  Actually, less than a month!!! I am so, so excited to be back on a college campus in a real learning environment 🙂  I’ve been taking classes online part-time since I graduated in 2008 but I have not been on a college campus!  I feel so old already so this is definitely going to be a change of pace 🙂  I wonder how different it will be from my UMASS days?!  Probably very…

The Health Sciences Building where all of my classes will be located

I have been so busy talking about moving to Jackson or Casper that I probably haven’t mentioned much about my summer plans.  Starting May 14th I will be on campus for 3-4 days a week, every other week, until August 3rd.  The University of Wyoming is in Laramie which is approximately 2.5 hours from Denver and 1.5 hours from Fort Collins – add a few more minutes for weather (wind, rain, thunderstorms – that stretch of highway is nasty). I will be taking 4 classes over summer.  My days on campus are long, 8-5pm.  When I’m not on campus I’ll be studying/taking classes online. When classes are over in August I’ll be moving!  Crazy changes coming up!

Aerial view of the campus

Since I have to be on campus so often during the summer and commuting isn’t the best option because of the distance, gas prices and the very real threat of intense thunderstorms along that stretch of highway, I was thinking about renting a room from someone who is subletting (in an apartment or a house, that way I could always have Copper with me when I travel to Wyoming).  But after reviewing the University’s classified page and posting my own ad and receiving not-so-great feedback, I thought- why not just stay on campus?  For $25 a night the website says the following: Single occupancy rooms will be available in Crane Hall for the summer session. Your room rate includes expanded basic cable television, all utilities, Internet connections, and a 24-hour service desk (while classes are in session). Crane Hall rooms are furnished with two wardrobes, a desk, a chair, a queen sized bed, and a mini-fridge.

I would also have to purchase a flex spending meal plan for the time I’m on campus but all in all, I think it’s worth it?

It would be SO strange to be staying on a college campus but I get my own room, TV hookup and internet for $25 a night.  AND I won’t have to commute to/from anywhere during the week.  I’ll drive to Wyoming on the morning of the first day of classes and drive back to Colorado after my last class of the week.  Andrew already said he’d watch Copper for me throughout the summer.

I put in a housing request tonight for the first week I’ll be on campus in mid-May and then I’ll go from there…. If I don’t get housing for that week I’ll have to re-evaluate my plan and maybe go back to my first option… renting a room in an apartment or house. 4 more weeks and then I’ll be a full-time nursing student.  It’s so odd how things have happened so quickly.  Time flies…

Last bit of update for the night… I just found these interesting/random facts about the University & Wyoming in general 🙂

  • The residence halls at UW are the most densely populated area of Wyoming. 2500 live within the dorm area.
  • War Memorial Stadium becomes the 3rd largest city in Wyoming when filled. Arena Auditorium becomes the 5th largest city when filled.
  • White Hall and Macintyre Hall, part of the residence halls, are the tallest buildings in the state of Wyoming, standing at 13 stories tall.
  • It is still legal to graze your horse on Prexy’s Pasture.
  • The University of Wyoming is the highest four year university in America, standing at 7200 ft in elevation.
  • The University of Wyoming is a leading university of the field of environment and natural resource research, specializing in agriculture, energy, and geology.
  • The University is home to seven colleges, which offer 86 bachelors, 66 masters, and 26 doctoral degrees. The University also houses one of the lowest faculty/student ration, among the best in the nation.
  • Named by the New York Times as one of the best educational buys.

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