Crazy busy!

The past week and a half was crazy. I had to finish my last couple of shifts at the hospital before taking a couple weeks off, finish up with the boys (my other job) until May 22nd and complete assignments/finals for two classes I was enrolled in for the semester. To add to the craziness, Andrew got pretty sick with a bacterial infectious disease (yikes!) but thank God he’s okay now. I spent the night in the hospital with him on Saturday night, got about 1 hour of sleep, drove back to Denver and spent a few hours in bed before getting up and working the night shift at the hospital for the next two nights. After I completed work for the week on Tuesday afternoon, I was so stoked to have FREEDOM.

These past couple of days have been relaxing and full of sleep, baseball and nice weather. Minus today. It was 85 degrees yesterday and today it’s barely 40. Gross!!! The rain always helps here in Denver since we don’t get much of it, except when we get a storm, so I can’t complain too much. I just wish the cold weather didn’t accompany the rain today.

Taking advantage of the gorgeous day yesterday. We brought bread to feed the baby geese, baseball gloves and a ball 🙂 Copper loved getting out and romping around in the sunshine!

Afterwards we went to Sprouts and picked out some food for the grill

Aren’t they cute?

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