What a week! I have been so, so busy since my first week of nursing school.  After attending my first week from Mon-Thurs I drove back to Denver with a stop in Fort Collins.  Andrew took me to dinner to celebrate my first week of nursing school!  We had a nice, relaxing dinner before I drove back to Denver for a couple hours of sleep before dropping Copper off at Club Pet Resorts (his boarding/day care center) and my 6am flight.  My time in California was quick and a whirlwind but it was so worth the hours of sleep and studying I gave up.  I flew in on Friday to surprise my Grandma for her 70th birthday party.  The women in my family and a few of my grandmother’s friends were attending a lunch in Sutter Creek, California and then doing a bit of boutique shopping in the small town.  That day was marvelous and I had a great time!  I also had so much fun with my mom over the weekend.  We got lunch at In N Out Burger (my favorite) and got nice pedicures.  It was so nice to spend 1:1 time with her again!

Me and Mom

The best Grandma in the world!

sutter creekSusan’s Place in Sutter Creek, California

Susan’s Place

Aside from spending time with my mom and grandma I got to spend some time with my grandpa and their new Shihtzu puppy, Mollie, my little brother (who is not so little anymore- he’s almost 18! ahhhhh!) and a short time with my dad when he took me to the airport.  I also saw my aunts and cousins and older brother and nieces 🙂  It was a GREAT trip!!! Short, but fun 🙂

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