Shiba Inu Musings

The last time we were in Wyoming Copper decided to climb under the table and eat Floyd’s poop right out of the box.  Floyd is the big, fat, orange cat that lives here.

He hadn’t done such a thing since he lived with Leo and Mocha (the cats) back in Massachusetts!  I was so disgusted.  I guess once you have a taste for it…. gross!!!

Today, as we were strolling along in the gorgeous sunshine, Copper stopped to sniff the grass.  All of a sudden he twitched his head as if he were going to roll in something.  Just as he placed his head down on the grass I realize that he was about to rub his entire body in a dead, featherless, tiny baby bird.  GROSS!!!  I yanked hard on his leash and pulled him away.  Sadly, I think the top of his face got in it.  Note to self:  Do not get any more Copper kisses.

He likes this annoying, bright green squeaky tennis ball that I purchased at Pets Mart.  He already tore half of the green off of the ball.  Now, he’s been quietly and sporadically working to bite a hole in the ball.  What I don’t understand is that when he’s not hiding the ball somewhere in the room, or attempting to rip the green off the ball or running around squeaking it in his mouth… he’s walking around the room crying trying to find the perfect place to set it down so he can go curl up in his bed and have the entire bed to himself.  The ball usually always ends up on top of my opened laptop or near my face as I sleep.



Weird. (But Gorgeous!) Dog.

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