Pandora’s Solo Piano Radio & Other Stress Relievers

Working out hasn’t really been happening since I started nursing school.  I’ve gone maybe… 5 days?  I had to cancel my 1/2 marathon on June 17th because I was afraid I’d injure my knee(s) again.  So I’ve found other ways of dealing with stress.

1.  Days of Our Lives.  This show has been and always will be (as long as it keeps getting renewed- and I pray it does) my escape.  There really is nothing more relaxing and nothing I enjoy more after a stressful day, sad day, confusing day – you get the point.  I truly love Days of Our Lives.  No matter how repetitive it gets when they decide to repeat the same story lines over and over, the show makes me happy.

2. Washington Park walks. Wash Park is a huge 165 acre park in Denver.  It has gorgeous landscaping, tall trees, plenty of squirrels, rabbits and geese for Copper to look at and huge ponds.  The trails for running and walking seem never ending and it’s a runners & dog walkers paradise. My walks there are relaxing and a perfect time to just…

Wash Park Denver

Washington Park Denver

3.  Pandora’s Solo Piano Radio.  If you don’t listen to Piano music, you should. It is very calming.  It took some getting used to for me but now that I’ve made listening a habit, I find that after a long day or even while I’m studying, I can calm down and become more relaxed.

Speaking of stress…. I have a bit less of it right now.  I scored perfect on my lab exam today! I thought I was going to pass out before hand because I was so nervous that I’d fail and not know what to do when it was my turn to administer meds, give shots, mix insulin or suction the tracheal airway.  I’m so glad I didn’t pass out… because it went well 🙂

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