Placement Selection

Well, I cried for about 3 hours.  So now I guess I’ll write about it.  Despite changing my clinical site option choice a week and a half after choosing Jackson (before I was properly educated on the entire clinical process), I am pretty sure I was THE ONLY ONE in my entire class to not get my first OR second choice.

I got Jackson.  And if I don’t want that, there is a chance I can go to Rock Springs, if I want.  Umm- WHO CARES!.  I freaked out.  Panicked. I went home, emailed my fellow students asking (begging) someone to switch with me and then emailed my instructors/coordinators and let them know that financially, there is no way I can move to Jackson OR Rock Springs.   I can’t.  It took me 4 months to get my job at the hospital.  I had a back up while I was waiting.  I have no back up now.  My job is perfect for me while I’m in school.   I have a life in Colorado!

And of course they just had to tell this to us the day before my pharmacology final.  I can’t study.  I can’t do anything except sit here in my way-too-hot bedroom (no AC is killing me) and stress out about the fact that in two months from now my program coordinators expect me to quit my job, pack my life and move out of Colorado.


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