A whole lot of…. nothing!

These past two days have been glorious.  After stopping in Fort Collins on Thursday afternoon and grabbing a quick Mexicali dinner at the park with Andrew and Copper, I headed back to Denver.  It’s always so nice to get back to Denver after being away for a week.  I love this city so much.  And I miss it so much while I’m gone!  I arrived back to a gorgeous summer night and a clean apartment! I was wide awake and needing a stress reliever so I had a Days of Our Lives marathon!  That’s my kind of Friday night 🙂

Yesterday I meant to try to get my car mirror fixed, but things just came up.  (Car mirror, you ask?  I was walking to campus on Friday morning to study for my pharmacology midterm and I just happened to glance at my car….. to see a missing side mirror.  The plastic covering that encloses the power mirror was broken off, lying on the grass, with the glass mirror on the ground.  Ummm- needless to say, my already bad week got a lot worse when I saw that!  I don’t know how in the world it happened.  It was a clean break – it literally looks like something just fell on it and cracked the plastic covering right off.  So.Weird.  Now my car looks so weird without the mirror and plastic console thing…. especially because the metal power console is still attached!  I probably am not doing a good job of describing it…. but just take my word for it; it looks ridiculous.)

I took Copper to Wash Park for an hour long walk yesterday morning.  And then we headed back to my apartment to relax, do some organizing and get some homework done.  Later, I picked up Chipotle, finished some research I had to do and spend the rest of the evening catching up on my DVR.  These days, it’s so nice to do nothing at all.

Anyway- today was spent at the gym, grocery shopping & taking a math exam.  I was supposed to head to work for my Sunday night shift from 7-7:30am butttt I got put on call.  And I’m second on the list which means I don’t think I’ll be going into work tonight.  Of course I’d get put on call when I don’t need the time to study.  Oh well, it’s nice to have a night off.  And it’s been a couple hours so if I get called in now… I get time and a half!  I hope they don’t call me at 1am like they did last month – I’m not a fan of leaving my apartment in the middle of the early morning.

Anyway – I don’t have to be back in class until July 16th.  So nice!  I do have a ton of studying, a group project, a 100 point pharmacology quiz and my last math test before then….. as well as important exams (including a math final!) that week I get back…. so I will definitely not be “relaxing” much after today!  It’s crunch time and in one month from now I’ll be two days away from being FINISHED with this first semester of nursing school 🙂

Happy July… time is FLYING!

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