Fourth of July

These past couple days have been okay but the weather here has been pretty terrible.  So hot, so dry and very, very smokey. We went fishing yesterday morning on our boat and it was so smokey around 11am that we had to call it a day.  My eyes were starting to burn and throat was starting to get scratchy.  The newest fire is in Laramie, where I go to school and live part-time.  I believe the fire is currently at 10,000+ acres but has decent containment.  I hope the firefighters can completely contain that fire soon; Laramie is a small city and if the fire burned into the city the results would be devastating.

Aside from fishing, we spent the day watching the Yankees beat the Rays, going to dinner at our favorite Hibachi place and then watched the fireworks across Denver from the rooftop balcony at my apartment complex.  We were treated to several personal fireworks shows (apparently some people in Denver don’t care about the extreme fire danger & fire & firework ban) as well as the shows put on by the Bronco Stadium (Sports Authority at Mile High) and Elitch Gardens (our amusement park).  We, along with Copper, watched the shows.

shiba inu fourth of july

I don’t know why Copper looks so huge in this picture…. I need to start holding him a different way!  Here we are with downtown Denver in the background.  If you look closely, you can see the haze of smoke that covers my city.


Sports Authority Field hosted fireworks.


Happy Fourth of July!

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