One Minute Update

Finals start tomorrow. One 100 question written exam tomorrow.

One HUGE assessment final on Wednesday at 9am (where I actually have to perform a 30 minute assessment in front of my professor on my partner, who is also my patient).

Two on Thursday (one 100 point written and another 100 point Pharmacology) along with an additional Pharmacology quiz.

And on Friday I test on starting and discontinuing IVs.

And then… lunch with the seniors! Since we are not technically “seniors” until the spring. We meet & celebrate their graduation and learn about what we have to look forward to (or not).

And then… Doneeeeee until August 27th!

Oh, and I am moving to Greenwood Village, Co in a week from Wednesday. It’s a very nice suburb 15 minutes south of downtown.

Say some prayers – I have finals this week, then 3 12.5 hour shifts back to back and then it’s time to move. And I’m in Wyoming, so that means I haven’t packed a single thing!

Yikes. Oh the joys of nursing school!

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