We Moved!

And by we…. I mean me and Copper. We’re now Greenwood Village residents!  My United States traveling, amazingly resilient Shiba Inu already approves.  He already feels at home here and slept allllllll day minus an hour or so.  I think watching me pack over the past two days exhausted his little mind.  He didn’t know where I was headed or if he was going to have to go to Club Pet (his boarding/day care facility) so he watched me like a hawk.  I couldn’t go anywhere in my apartment without him on my heels.  When I’d go downstairs to take trash out or load my car, he’d sit quietly by the door, waiting for my return.  Yesterday, when I had finished moving almost all of my stuff out and it was finally time for him to come join me at the new condo, he was thrilled. As soon as I grabbed my keys and said “let’s go” he began jumping all over the place, running in circles, whining his exciting whine.  He finally got his answer…. “Yes Copper, you’re coming with me!”


My patio.  I have a sliding glass door in my bedroom that leads outside. Beyond the brick is a gorgeously landscaped pond (with fish!).


Copper basking in the sun & enjoying his new patio.

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow 🙂

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