Home Sweet Home (with some pictures, finally!)

After a whirlwind road trip to California, in which I spent four days traveling/driving and only 3 full days in my destination city, I am back!  I am currently on-call at work (our ICU census is low) so while I’m waiting for them to possibly call me in I figured I would finally update my blog with pictures of the new place.

I absolutely love it here.  So much.  It’s such a change from the loud, constantly bustling neighborhood I lived in downtown!  It’s a great change 🙂  I’m very happy here.


These pictures were taken on Day 2 and I still had some organizing to do in my bedroom and bathroom.  And to be honest, I still have a bit more to do 🙂


These final three are of the outside of the condo & my bedroom.  There are 6 ducks that call the pond “home” and Copper loves looking at them as they swim around all day.

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