Nightingale Honor Ceremony

Classes have started and I was back in Laramie this week!   I had class for a few hours for two days at the end of the week, mainly just for our professors to introduce us to the fall semester & go over our syllabi and to explain our fall, spring and summer semesters a bit better.  Andrew drove up to Laramie with me yesterday because after class I had to attend the Nightingale Ceremony on campus.  The Ceremony is a type of introduction into the professional nursing role.  It was classy, informative and it was a chance to spend some time with my classmates one last time.  Our group, in it’s entirety, will not be together again until our graduation ceremony next May.  We really did have such a fun time together over the summer and I’m truly blessed to have made the friends I have made in this program.  I am lucky enough to have been placed with some of my friends for my clinical rotation in Casper this spring so I’m sure the 7 of us women will have a great fall semester together 🙂

The Ceremony was a little over an hour in duration.  We listened to a few key speakers and then took the stage individually to sign the honor pledge, shake hands with the dean and program coordinator and leave with a nursing portfolio and lanyard.  Image

Sorry for the poor photo quality…. it had been a long day!  At the top you can see the stage with some of the traditional (4 year program) nursing students signing their pledge.  The second picture (of the three stands) shows our honor pledge boards that will be framed and hung in the School of Nursing hall.  The next are pictures I took of the pledge & the program.  And finally, me & Andrew after the ceremony.

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