What day is it again?

I’ve been in Casper, Wyoming since Thursday.  It took nearly 5 hours to get here.  Such a long drive.  Driving here every other week through December is going to be a huge pain in the butt.  But, I chose to go to nursing school in Wyoming so I must suck it up, put on my happy face and deal.  At least I get to keep Colorado as my primary residence!

Since being here, we’ve spent hours at our rehabilitation facility with our assigned patient, spent hours accumulating information on our patient and spent hours doing homework.  Yesterday, we did find time to watch football, go to lunch, order pizza for an afternoon snack and relax.  Of course, relaxing in nursing school isn’t what most people consider relaxing, considering the fact that we never stop stressing out about the ridiculous amount of work we have due.


The four of us girls (and a mom in the middle!)

Last week we were all under the impression that we would only have to be in Casper for clinical from Thursday-Monday afternoon.  Of course, in typical UW BRAND program fashion, we were told just a couple hours before we all left to drive to Casper that we would have to stay until Wednesday afternoon.  Meaning, I won’t get back to Colorado until very late Wednesday night.  I was scheduled to work Tuesday and Wednesday but had to cancel.  Now, I’ll work Thursday with the boys, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at the hospital – PM overnight shifts and then have Live class online on Monday for a total of 3.5 hours and drive back to Casper on Tuesday for three 12 hour hospital shifts.  Oh, and I have so many assignments due this coming Sunday night that my head is spinning just thinking about it.

I have been doing homework all day today (once we got out of clinical orientation at the hospital at 1:30) at the Outreach Center here in Casper.  The assignments for our acute care class take hours and hours.  And we have so many of them.

I’m learning a lot, but it’s tough to retain all of this information when it is all we can think about.  I eat, sleep, breath, live all things nursing.  It has become common for me to forget what day it is.  On Saturday I could not remember what day it was for the life of me.  I must have confused the day 5 times.  Each day runs together and I no longer have weekends!  Not with working every single weekend, having clinical three (or in this case, six days) in a row, and having zero time to myself. Even now as I type this I am hurrying because a 10 minute break only lets me type so many words!

I miss Colorado and I miss Copper even more.  He’s staying with Andrew until I pick him up.  I can’t stand being away from my dog.  I feel lonely, despite being surrounded by my friends all day, each day!


Copper at Andrew’s house & me calling on the iPhone face time.

Time to get back to the work I have due on Sunday.  One good thing about being in clinical is that I can spend all of my time outside of the facility studying and not have to worry about a dog, a boyfriend, a job, cooking, cleaning, watching days of our lives (so time consuming 😉 )  Here I can focus on school… and only school!

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