Fall / Snow

On Tuesday it was a sunny, gorgeous, 79 degree day. The trees were full of red, yellow and orange leaves. Today? I think it finally hit 40 around 4pm.

It started snowing last night around 8 and I was ready for it! I’ve been so excited for change in the weather. It will only be temporary and will be back in the upper 60’s next week, but the snow was welcome this time around. I love summer in Colorado, I love fall in Colorado and sometimes I EVEN love winter in Colorado! Sometimes. Usually I like the first snow and when we have a big storm – as long as I don’t have to try too far in it. This year I’d like the heavy storms to fall somewhere between December 7 and February 5th… otherwise known as the no-travel-to-Wyoming time frame 🙂

In the first picture you can see our beautiful fall colors on Tuesday.  The others were taken this morning!

We are supposed to get an additional 2-3 inches tonight.  I haven’t been able to test out the all wheel drive on my car yet because the roads have been dry but I’m sure I’ll get my chance soon enough.  It will most likely snow one of these times I’m in Wyoming.  Let’s just hope the roads aren’t bad.  Speaking of Wyoming, I’m headed there next Tues-Fri for my first week on the surgical floor.  We finished our medical floor rotation last week.  We only have three weeks of surgical and one week of OR rotation left – for a total of only 4 MORE TRIPS TO WYOMING FOR THE FALL!  I’m half-way done with this semester 🙂  More than halfway done, actually, since our last day of class/clinical traveling is December 7th.  My last day of official class, and the day I’ll take the final, is December 14th.  Time.Is.Flying!

In other news – I’m really just trying to make it through this semester and keep sane while working/getting through 16 units/traveling for clinical/clinical itself/etc.

I did have a great week last week at the hospital.  I finally enjoyed myself, for the first time, and it really made a difference and gave me a much greater outlook on not only the nursing program at UW, but life in general!  For a while I kept asking myself if nursing was really what I wanted to do.  I know it is… there have just been some really tough stretches of school that have gotten me down.  I have spoken to my nursing friends and it’s not just me feeling this way at times, so that is reassuring. I am learning a lot and am so happy I finally had a good week at clinical – but I will be very, very happy when this semester is over in December! Christmas & Winter break cannot come soon enough 🙂

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