Change is in the air <3

This semester is nearly over!!!

I finished up my last week of clinical & could not be more thrilled with the two month travel break I now have!  I don’t have to travel again until FEBRUARY!

Overall, I loved my clinical experience, but that wasn’t always the case! During the medical rotation back in September I couldn’t stand nursing. I quickly realized the medical floor is NOT for me! But once we moved on to surgical I really enjoyed myself and remembered how much I really do love nursing. I enjoyed taking care of post-op patients, enjoyed getting to know all of my patients and found myself putting more and more effort into learning the nursing role as time went on.

Since my last post I’ve finished up three weeks (90 hours) on the surgical floor and 40 hours in the Operating Room. The operating room is DEFINITELY not for me. I nearly fell asleep a couple of times. I did see some great surgeries, most notably being a femoral artery bypass, spinal fusions/decompressions, tonsillectomy, septoplasty, palate removal (painful!!!), laproscopic gallbladder removal (very interesting) and my FAVORITES — c sections!!!

I loved, loved, loved watching the c sections. I could barely hold it together – the procedure is so emotional. It happens so quickly and it’s absolutely amazing to watch a human being being pulled out of a pregnant, waiting, emotional mother. I loved every moment of those surgeries and found them fascinating. I have two weeks of OB rotation in the spring and I cannot wait!

casper clinical group

I really don’t think I’d have made it through the semester without these ladies — my clinical group & our awesome instructor!


So while my clinical experience for the fall semester is over, I still have finals! I have a TON of work due over the next week and then a very big, important final in my med surg (acute care) class. And then after I’m finally finished with this semester on the 14th……… I am moving!!!

I am moving to Northern Colorado on December 20th! I finally made the decision after becoming so tired of driving to/from Wyoming/Denver so often. I’ll be closer to Wyoming, closer to Andrew and I’ll be living on a horse ranch 🙂 I am thrilled! I will post more about that in the next post.

And finally, the last bit of change (for now)…. I resigned from my part time position at the hospital 🙂 My last official day on the schedule is December 16th but they offered me a PRN position and I am going to accept! This way I wont be required a set schedule with 25 hours per week but will have the opportunity to pick up shifts as needed. I’ll have an hour commute to work when I do choose to pick up a shift, but it will be worth it because I’ll be able to keep my foot in the door for when I graduate.

Life is changing quickly…. but I’m so happy with these changes 🙂

Stay tuned for pictures of my new home! It’s sure going to be different leaving the big city for a RANCH! But I’ve been in Colorado for 3 years now so I suppose it’s about time I go a bit country…

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