We are in a terrible, terrible drought here in Colorado.  The air is SO dry and the land is SO dead – it’s quite depressing, really.  So last week when we heard rumors of a snow storm, we were seriously crossing our fingers and praying that it would dump a bunch of snow on us.  The last few storm warnings we’ve had ended up being just that – warnings – and major let downs.

Well, this time it ACTUALLY snowed!  I stayed at Andrew’s for the storm and we ended up getting a whole 12 inches at his house!  A foot of fresh, gorgeous, wet snow.  Thank God I didn’t have to drive anywhere far over the weekend – the roads were a slushy, snow packed, icy mess.

Since we have good vehicles for driving in snow, we decided to take the pool killer whale & the inflatable boat out for some semi-sledding.  I say semi because we don’t exactly have good hills in Fort Collins.  Still, we headed to a park, climbed to the top of the hill and had a fun time despite the crazy wind, 20 degree temp & snow pelting our faces 🙂


The snow coming down at Andrews

Fort Collins Snow 2013 JanFebMarch2013 008 JanFebMarch2013 012 JanFebMarch2013 023 JanFebMarch2013 015 JanFebMarch2013 018 JanFebMarch2013 022 JanFebMarch2013 028 JanFebMarch2013 025

Don’t mind my Yankees hat & freezing, red face — all of my snow gear was at home so I had to improvise.

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