1am Ramblings

I wish I had some great update to type up but really, life has been pretty mundane! After canceling my trip to Honduras (and being completely & utterly depressed over having to do so), I picked up 8 shifts at the hospital. I live 1:10 from the hospital so the past two weeks, including my spring break, have been spent driving to Denver, working, driving back to Fort Collins, and then sleeping for approximately 5-6 hours (that’s all I can sleep when I go to bed at 9am) and then, if I have energy, working out so I can look halfway decent when summer rolls around. I have studied a little, when I haven’t been working, but let’s face it, when you’re working full-time 12.5 hour night shifts & commuting a ton and then sleeping during the days, your sleep schedule is off track & the last thing you want to do is wake up at 3pm and spend the evening studying.

I’m hesitant to admit but despite lacking sleep and being sick of driving, I have actually enjoyed picking up shifts at the hospital… at times. Last week I got to help with an emergency chest tube insertion that was inserted right in the ICU room. I had a super important part: I got to hold the patients arm up (he was a fighter!) while the trauma doc did his thing — ohhhh yeahhhhh. The patient had a pneumothorax and when the trauma doc put the tube in a bunch of air came out. It.Was.Awesome. Then on St. Patty’s Day we had a potluck in the middle of the night. Seriously, food is the only thing that keeps me awake after 10pm. I work out so hard and then snack all night when I work. I’ve tried to make my snacks more healthy…. but right now I’m at the hospital and currently snacking on a bag of cheez-its & white popcorn. Oh, and we have a patient that is a manager of an italian restaurant so in the lounge we have soup, bread sticks, salad, etc. just waiting for us!

Anyway, as mentioned, life has been a bit crazy. But, I am trying to find time for ME. Much of my joy lately has come from working out. I started doing intervals and they kick my butt (walk for 3, run for 3, walk for 1, sprint for 1, repeat x10 mins, cool down for 4) … but in a good way. Andrew is also helping me with ab exercises, which I try to do 3x a week. I found an awesome, easy, able to do at home (or at the gym) leg workout that also has been kicking my butt. I have zero muscle so it’s nice to feel sore daily because I know I’m getting stronger & building muscle…. slowly. In addition to the gym… Andrew and I had date night on Friday night! We went out to dinner and then to see the most recent Nicholas Sparks movie – Safe Haven. It was really good! Don’t tell him I told you, but I think Andrew shed a tear at the end 😉 He also made me watch Skyfall this week on one of the nights I didn’t have to work. It was pretty good! I fell asleep for about 20 minutes in the middle but was able to watch the beginning and end… it was pretty good. My first Bond film, can you believe it?!

Also spent a couple hours taking my boy for a walk…. Love him so much!

Speaking of Andrew. He got a job in Denver. He starts this coming Friday. It’s only part-time but he’s stoked to finally have a job in the medical field. Paired with his actual job, he’ll be pretty busy. He’ll be working at an Endocrinologist’s office. He will commute for now. I don’t necessarily want him to move to Denver since I now live in Fort Collins but I do think the commute will be hard for him, especially because it’s during rush hour. My commute to/from Denver is pretty easy because I work 7pm-7am. I head to Denver AFTER rush hour and have never gotten stuck in bad traffic….. of course now that I’m typing this I probably will….. my mornings are kind of a pain with rush hour traffic going into the city but it really isn’t THAT bad… costs me an extra 10 minutes or so. Not as bad as it could be and is for many.

Oh, and something else about Andrew…. We just celebrated our 3 year “official” anniversary. We were dating from Oct-March but then he had a bad low one night in March of 2010 (so he says – just blame it on the Diabetes! Did you know he’s a diabetic?!) and ended things. A couple days later… two to be exact… on St. Patricks Day 2010… he called me 5 times until I finally picked up. I was wearing green & hanging out at story time with the kiddos. (Sometimes I miss those easy & fun Nanny days!) He apologized and it’s been Jenn & Andrew ever since. So anyway- He has never been into celebrating dating anniversaries so when he knocked on my bedroom door last Sunday morning and I opened it (after grabbing my gun and asking WHO IS IT??? I live on a ranch and most of the time we don’t even lock our door because it’s a gated ranch so when someone just knocks on my door in the morning…. it’s a bit alarming) I was so surprised to see him with a bouquet of roses & a sweet card. That was one of 6 bouquets he has surprised me with recently. 6! That afternoon we went out to lunch at an amazing Greek place in Fort Collins. Have you ever had stuffed grape leaves? They are absolutely delicious & have quickly become my favorite appetizer!!! That paired with a gyro salad… yummmmmm.


Alright – this has been wayyyyy longer than I anticipated. But it’s 1:12am and my eyelids are starting to get heavy. I need to find things to do at work to keep me busy! There are only so many patients who need turning Q2H & only so many times I can refresh Pinterest & search Drudge for new headlines….. yawn.

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