Snow Storm of the Season

It’s snowing!  Still.  On Monday morning we woke up to 5-6 inches or so.  By Tuesday morning we had 14 inches.  I lost count now but I’d say somewhere between 16 and 18 inches.  And it’s still snowing!  My clinical rotations this week have been canceled because the major highway through Wyoming is CLOSED.  I guess Colorado and Wyoming didn’t get the memo that it’s APRIL and it’s time for spring.  My OB rotation was rescheduled for the week before finals.  So these next few days will be used to finish assignments that are due this week and work on the HESI, an RN/NCLEX study test that we’re required to take three times during our nursing school career.  We have countless hours of assignments that we must complete in order to build our HESI/NCLEX knowledge.

The snow has put a wrench in my plans for the week but I’m not complaining.  We need the moisture.  It’s been so dry here & the last thing we want is more fires once it does decided to warm & dry up in Colorado.

While being stuck at home is definitely not my thing, I am happy the dogs are loving this weather.


Andrews Backyard


Sawyer trying to get Copper to play


Copper deciding not to be a bum & actually play back


Just hanging out while the snow pours down!

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