BA Psychology, BS Nursing

I can’t believe the day finally arrived – I thought it would never get here!

On May 11th I graduated with my BS in Nursing.  I chose not to walk in the bigger, cap & gown ceremony and instead opted for the small, personal nursing ceremony.  There were approximately 100 of us (give or take 10) nursing students graduating.  My program in particular had 22.  The ceremony lasted an hour and a half and was held indoors in the Fine Arts Complex on campus in Laramie.  My parents and Andrew were in attendance.

Graduation 005

This picture is super dark but you can see me walking across the stage and accepting a gift & nursing pin.

Graduation 006

Graduation 010

With Dad

Graduation 012

With Mom

Graduation 014With Andrew

Graduation 020And with my little man later that evening!

So I don’t officially get my transcript until August because I have my practicum this summer & a 2 credit “integration” class that essentially helps us prepare a resume, a portfolio, and helps us transition from student to RN.  But when I finally do get it, you can bet I’ll be relieved to finally have that second bachelor’s degree on paper!

I always remind myself that there are two things in life that nobody can take away from you: your education & your faith. I’m so thankful to have both.

3 thoughts on “BA Psychology, BS Nursing

  1. Congratulations to you on your graduation!! I love the picture of you and Copper – he is smiling SO big, he must be very proud of his mom. 🙂

    1. Jenn in Denver May 21, 2013 — 8:18 am

      Thanks so much Lynn! 🙂 I wish you still blogged — or if you do, I need the link! Ha- I used to love reading about your Boston adventures!!

  2. I don’t really blog anymore – I post in livejournal every so often (in fact I decided to post last week, but before that it was over 6 months!) because less people read it. I miss blogging,but I’ve become more private in the past couple of years. If I decide to start one I’ll let you know!

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