On Saturday I worked 7 hours in the PACU and then grabbed a few things and rushed back to Colorado. It had been a long week.  I worked 60 hours in 6 days in the PACU. I LOVE the PACU.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to finally find an area of nursing that I love. I really liked Labor and Delivery… but I love the PACU.

Anyway — I got to Andrews on Saturday early evening and found a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card with the sweetest message, a Starbucks gift card and a surprise future pedicure!

ImagePink Roses! So pretty 🙂  He picked out the vase and put the arrangement together himself.


The pedicure he treated me to was wonderful. Didn’t they do a good job? It was actually the first time I have ever had a flower painted on…. I love it!   I went to The Nail Spa on College Ave in Fort Collins, next to the TJ Maxx.  They did an excellent job and the woman massaged my legs and feet for so long.  It was so relaxing and such a treat.  (Andrew had called my mom – seriously, he is the absolute sweetest – to ask her what she recommend he do to surprise me – Good idea mom!!)

Last night I spent my last night in CO at Red Rocks, the outdoor amphitheater in Morrison, which is just outside of Denver.  We saw John Mayer in concert! It was a perfect summer night.  I picked up my friend Jane downtown and then we headed to the show.  I love John Mayer & last night was my second time seeing him. Kristine and  I saw him in concert 6-7 years ago when he played at Umass.  He is still as talented live as ever.  And just as good looking!


Red Rocks Amphitheater ~ July 16, 2013

I’m back in Wyoming now.  I will be working in the PACU tomorrow and Friday and then most likely working through the weekend and every day next week.  It’s going to be really busy until I’m done…. but here’s to being finished with clinical in … 20 days or less!

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