Home is where the heart is

I cried my eyes out before leaving California on Saturday.  Seriously.  I really did.   It was such a pitiful morning and I’m sorry my grandparents had to witness me bawling to them because I didn’t want to go back to Colorado! I HATED leaving little old Manteca and driving to San Francisco for my flight.   And that’s saying a lot because, well, it’s Manteca!

But, I had an interview to get to.  And I got the job… so I guess it was a good decision.

My trip to California was so great…. because my Grandpa is OKAY!  In fact, he’s better than okay.  Right now he’s doing really well.  The nursing staff even commented and said they’d never had someone recover SO quickly following a major MI & Heart Failure!  AND HE’S 86!  If that isn’t motivation to stay healthy both physically and mentally (by keeping active as much as possible) then I don’t know what is!  I was able to spend sooooo much time with him at the hospital.  I visited twice almost every day for 2+ hours each time. It was so great.  I love my Grandpa so much & I am seriously so lucky to have such a special bond with such a special man!

He was released from the hospital & is now continuing to recover at home.   He still has to have major open heart surgery but the doctors are confident that he will recover.  The surgery will be difficult & it will take a lot out of him for a long while but he is the strongest man and he has a loving family who are willing to help him.  I really wish I was living in California……. some day 😦

Speaking of…. I do miss California already even though Colorado fall is in full swing & I absolutely LOVE it here.   It was just so weird coming back here when I felt that I really needed (and wanted) to be in California.  And it is still weird being here. Things with Andrew are so dang weird & every day I am tempted to pack up my life, turn down the job that I actually started (test run) today & head West.

And I’ll grab the wheel and I’ll point it west
Pack the good and leave the rest
I’ll drive until I find the missing piece
You said I wouldn’t get too far on a tank of gas
And an empty heart
But I got everything I’ll ever need….

~Miranda Lambert “New Strings”

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