Somewhere Sunday…

I was thinking about Burma today….

“I lament that Burma has been lost to many in the travel world.  But now that opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been released by the country’s military dictatorship, more travelers may aspire to visit this magical place.  Personally, I’d go back tomorrow, if only to support the populace with my tourist dollars. To me, Burma– Myanmar, officially– is among the world’s most beguiling destinations, the kind of country that, after you’ve been, inhabits your dreams.  Events from my trips there drift through my memories, like a candle-powered paper balloon floating across a star-filled sky…”  – Burma spread in Nat Geo Traveler, Jan 2011

burmaairportI don’t miss this airport or the prop plane we had to fly…

* * *

But I miss all of this…burmachild burmahome fooddonationburma  youngmonkeatingburma youngmonksburmawanderinginburma


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