Convos with Grandpa

Another hour spent on the phone tonight with my Grandpa before the big open heart surgery on Wednesday.  His final words tonight before we got off the phone began like this….

Him: “How is your dog?”Me: “I think he’s good, I haven’t seen him for a few days because I have been at work but I know he’s doing okay….” “Well, you know dogs.  They will love you if you are a crook or a cheater or even a bad person.  You can be gone all day and They still love you no matter what. They love you through all your faults and all your weaknesses. As long as you love them, they will love you forever – they’ll spend their whole life being there for you.”

This coming from the man who used to see Copper as somewhat of an annoyance because he’d take up so much of my attention when I’d bring him with me to visit my Grandpa.  But my Grandpa knows me well and knows that Copper has been a great constant in my life.

Other advice he gave me tonight:

Never become so angry with someone or let someone have such an impact on you (negatively) that if effects your emotions and gets you down.  Know when somebody isn’t worth it…

Surround yourself with good people.  Do not associate with people who are not good producers… meaning… you want to surround yourself with people who build you up, not drag you down.

Keep him in your prayers, would you?  He’s a strong & otherwise healthy man at 86 but it’s a major, major surgery.  I just love him so much and can’t imagine him leaving me so soon.

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