I’m Alive

I’ve started a few blogs but always seem to run out of things to say.  Let me give you a quick recap on what’s gone down in my life since the end of December.

I was working in home healthcare from October to January and was still applying to hospital positions.  I applied to at least 50 with no call backs.   Oddly enough, in early January about an hour after totally complaining to my dad in which I said I felt like I was never going to get a call back – I got a call back!  We set up an interview.  The interview must have went well because 10 minutes after I left the hospital they called and offered me the job.  I gladly accepted an RN on Acute Care position.  I started February 3rd and I absolutely love it.  New Grads at this hospital in South Denver train for 12 weeks with a preceptor but the entire first year is still a chance to learn and grow as a new nurse.  The preceptor I’ve had thus far has been great.  Our personalities are similar when it comes to work and she’s been such a huge help, never judging me for my lack of knowledge related to some things, never getting frustrated with my inexperience.  She’s been excellent.  Everything has been great! The biggest downside, and it is a huge downside for someone who has a ton of student loans, is that this job is only part-time.  So I’m still on the hunt for another position to supplement my income.  Part-time for a hospital nurse is typically 24 hours per week broken into two 12 hour shifts.  I still get great benefits (for a great price) but the lack of a third shift leaves me feeling pretty restless most of the time.  I’m looking, though, and I really hope to find something.  A dream job did come up that’s located in California.  It’s through the VA and pays nearly $25k more than a full-time position here in Colorado pays.  If you’re a prayer, please pray that this opens up a huge opportunity for me. Most days I don’t want to leave Colorado but I miss my family and living near them (but far enough away to still have my independence & be in a big, beautiful city…. because we all know I need that) would be really wonderful.  I applied for the job last week and it closes today so I hope to hear back.  But in the mean time, life in Colorado continues as I continue to hope something opens up for me.  It’s crazy to think that after all of my schooling, work history & experience that I am still having this job searching problem.  ‘Merica.

I’ve recently had a 10 day stretch off because my preceptor was out of town.  Thankfully I got my spring sickness out of the way.  I’ve literally been in bed and/or on the couch for a week.  I did manage to watch 25 or so episodes of Hart of Dixie, a cute show about a snobby NY doctor who is forced to move to the middle of no where Alabama to be a general doc in a small office and tries to fit in while learning the world doesn’t revolve around her.  Super cute show – totally dorky – but Rachel Bilson is a doll.

So that’s what’s up.  Same story, different month.


1 thought on “I’m Alive

  1. Congratulations on landing the position and hope for success on the next one.

    As you already know being active helps fight off colds and sickness, so have you managed to get any running or activity in your down time?

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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