Copper’s Update

Ohhhhhhh Shiba Inu’s. 

Shiba Inu Laws Sayings Property

I truly believe it takes a special set of skills and unique personality to love a Shiba Inu because my Copper is a royal pain in the butt.  He’s definitely on the mend. Learning to get his way again… with everything.  A lot of this is poor fur parenting on my part.  He’s half crippled now so I just use his disability as an excuse to give him whatever he wants.  And he’s smart enough to totally milk it! I’m not even kidding.  Any Shiba Inu owner knows that they are practically humans in little fox like dog bodies.  They are so. dang. smart. 

He’s back to being picky about his food.  I am now buying him these all natural dog food rolls with rice, carrots, chicken, etc. because after his injury he decided dry food wasn’t good enough.  He was losing weight so quickly that I felt horrible and kept trying all sorts of new foods – canned, dry, rolls.  Oh and throw in how often I cook him scrambled eggs & ground turkey & brown rice and you’ve got one spoiled Shiba Inu. His new thing is to hobble over to his dog bowl and just paw and it and look at me.  If I give him dry food he just smells it and walks away. I do recall the vet saying he couldn’t have more than 1 cup total of dog food a day due to him packing on a few pounds.  I think he’s gained all the weight back that he had lost from the injury so I’m really going to have to put my foot down and listen to the vet’s orders.  But it’s soooo hardddd when you have a dog who is soooo spoilledddd.  I have created a monster.  A cute, cuddly, monster of a best friend.


In any case – his progress is incredible.  He trotted down the hall way this morning.  When we come out of the elevator after our morning potty break/walk I unhook his leash and let him walk at his own pace to our apartment door.  Today, he just trotted away.  It was so cute.  It’s like this funny little half trot where he only partially uses his odd little right leg.  I’m so proud of him.

We’ve been spending so much time together because of my new work schedule.  I work three nights on, four to five nights off and repeat.  So I have a ton of time off.  It’s been such a blessing to be able to stay home with him and take care of him.  Luckily he’s improving so much that I can also start to have a little bit of a life again 🙂  Not that I mind staying in and taking care of him but summer is quickly dwindling here in Colorado so at some point I’d like to get out and explore a little bit!

Thank you again for all of the prayers, messages, words of encouragement and support.  The response has been overwhelming and I love you guys!


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