It’s pretty here.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some time off lately to enjoy my beautiful state.  Working only three nights a week will do that to you.  Unfortunately I’ve been forced to work weekends which has been such a bummer but I’ve been promised multiple times that these 5 weekends I’ve had to work in a row will be a memory when September rolls around.  The schedule should be altered and should actually be fair so I’m not the only nurse working weekends.

In any case, this is Colorado and fortunately I haven’t had to go very far to enjoy the outdoors.  My pet sitter recommended an open space nearby.  The trail head is only 10 minutes from my apartment.  So blessed to call this wonderful place my home.

copper2aug2014 copperaug2014


1 thought on “It’s pretty here.

  1. I just ran across your blog this morning, and am so thankful! I’m getting ready to move to Denver in January and was so nervous to change cities and not really know anyone. I was born there but and grown up in St Louis.
    I am significantly less nervous now!! Thank you.

    I am praying for your puppy too! My boys (two wonderfully funny looking mutts) are my best friends, so I totally understand what you are going through. My little guy Max has had numerous health scares and I thought I would lose him a couple times this year.

    Have a good holiday season!!!

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