Nurse Life


Two weeks ago I cut my trip in California short and headed back to Colorado because after many, many applications and many rejections… I finally got an interview at the hospital I’ve been dreaming about working at for five years.  When I first moved to Colorado my apartment was directly across the street from this big, well known, city hospital and at that time I wasn’t yet a nurse and the thought of working as an actual nurse at that actual hospital felt so out of my reach.

Today I accepted a position at that very hospital.  I wasn’t sure I’d be staying in Colorado for too much longer but because California has now taken 7 weeks to process my endorsement application (so I can get my CA license) and the timing of this job offer… it looks like I’ll be staying here after all.

I start my new job in a month from tomorrow.  Here’s to this year being full of fulfilling challenges, growth and career advancement!!

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