Copper is 8 years old!

It’s hard to believe I got this little nugget when he was only 9 weeks and 4lbs.  As I write every year on his birthday… he’s my very best friend.  He’s been the one constant in my life, aside from God, and he is a huge blessing.  He’s by my side every day, he gives my life purpose, he truly is my little fur child.  At nearly 30 sometimes I feel I have nobody else but me here in Colorado because of being unmarried and having my family over a thousand miles away.  But then I look to my side and there he is!

shibainu puppyFirst few days

And of course, now, years later, a couple days pre & then post ACL surgery.

copper2015 copperacl CopperJenn2015

1 thought on “Copper is 8 years old!

  1. Sheila Brandley March 13, 2015 — 7:47 pm

    Jenn, who do you send these to? Just wondering?

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