Camping for the 4th of July

“I never will forget all those sleepless nights in Telluride…” – Tim Mcgraw

It’s been so long since I have updated this blog… I’m failing at being a good Californian turned Coloradoan and updating my wonderful family back home.

For this Fourth of July I decided to head up to the mountains with some great friends from the Colorado HIking 20’s/30’s group I am in through Facebook (and to think I used to dislike Facebook and think it was just negative!).  Telluride is about 6.5 hours from Boulder and with traffic, a solid 7.5-8 hours.  I carpooled with Amy and Patrick, both also in the group.  We loaded down my car, grabbed Copper, stuffed ourselves in and headed out on Friday morning.

After a stop in Buena Vista for Eddyline Brewery beer & pizza where Copper got to enjoy his first Colorado brewery patio experience (brewery’s in Colorado are awesome & often allow dogs – inside and out!) (Patrick & Amy are beer guru’s – I drank a diet coke) we got back on the road and made it to Telluride before the sun set.

Despite my car bottoming out twice, one solid bottoming out that required me to just park where we were and call our other friend Amy to come pick us up and take all our crap to the camp site… we made it!  11,200 elevation camping spot.  Alpine lake. Views.  Amazingness.

Telluride 2015 001 Telluride 2015 003 Telluride 2015 056 Telluride 2015 069

Copper loved being off leash and exploring.  It was so nice to have him with me.

On Friday we cooked some brats on the fire and sat around until our camp fire started blowing up.  Literally.  People who had been there before us disposed of their fire crackers in the fire pit.  Problem was…. there were still remnants of fire crackers and they kept exploding!!! Eventually we put out the fire and went to bed. We really didn’t want to chance getting ourselves or our dogs blown up.  The next day we combed through the fire meticulously and were all good.

On the Fourth of July we woke up and decided to explore the area we were camping in – Gold King Basin.  A gorgeous setting just outside of the village of Telluride.

Telluride 2015 019
Do you see that dot up above me? That’s Copper. He ditched me and climbed the mountain.
Telluride 2015 028
Old mining building
Telluride 2015 039
Amy and her pups! Amy and I met when she started walking Copper after his paralysis a year ago this week! At some point we became friends and now we’re good friends!

Telluride 2015 020 Telluride 2015 029 Telluride 2015 050

Sitting around the morning of the 4th – how could you want to spend your 4th doing anything but enjoying the beautiful country we live in?

    waterfallcampsite  TellurideWalkingCopper

After exploring we headed into town for lunch. A thunder storm and Mexican food later we headed back to camp for a fun night of celebrating good friends and a great country.

(Here we are huddled under a tree together during a thunderstorm)
Head lamps, camp fire, friends! Happy Birthday America!

Telluride 2015 076

On Sunday morning it was a little cold and foggy – rain was making it’s way into the area.  We packed up, said our goodbyes and set off for a long ride back home.  What a great weekend!!! I honestly can’t wait to go back to Telluride, it’s a special place!

Meet Patrick: He was such a trooper letting Copper sit on his lap for parts of the drive 🙂
My off leash camping boy!!!
Copper didn’t want to sleep in my sleeping bag. Good thing I brought his little dog bed! He curled up in that thing and I covered him with a towel 🙂 Glamping, I know. (“Glamping” means Glamorous Camping)


All of us together – and the dogs!

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