My Best Friend’s Wedding!

A few weeks ago I spent some time on the east coast again.  It was SO wonderful being back on my old turf and spending time with my best friend. We live far apart (sort of…. she lives in AZ and I live in CO – much closer than we used to live when she was in MA and I was in CA or CO!)  But of course with life and our schedules, we don’t see each other as often as we’d like.  As best friends typically do, we fell back into our best friendness ways as soon as we saw each other.  Her wedding was beautiful and she was a gorgeous bride!

I took an overnight to CT on Wednesday/early Thursday AM.  Once in Hartford I picked up my rental car (a suuuuuper cute Kia Soul SUV) and headed to my old college campus – Umass Amherst –  to quickly tour the campus, stop by the bookstore to grab a shirt & water bottle and then pick up lunch at my most favorite Mexican hole in the wall EVER before driving to Rhode Island – my destination.  It was the first time I’d been back to Umass since I graduated in 2008.  What a much needed trip!

Umass Amherst

The towers where I lived my freshman year
The towers where I lived my freshman year – 9th floor
Umass Amherst
The beloved student union
McMurphy's - Amherst, MA
McMurphy’s – Amherst, MA.  Kristine and I spent a lot of time at this little Irish tavern!
Best food.

After picking up lunch I headed to Newport, Rhode Island.  I had visited several years before when Steve and I did an east coast tour.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the beautiful town.

East Coast 2015 014
Rehearsal dinner! Bride is in the middle. With two of us bridesmaids
East Coast 2015 019
She had a hat so naturally we had to find me a hat. We were those best friends who wore the same Halloween costume two years in a row in college 🙂
Wedding Day! In the trolley on the way to the church.

KristinesWeddingI didn’t take any pictures of the ceremony or reception because my phone was tucked away but it was so gorgeous and fun to spend the evening together!

On Sunday after the three day wedding festivities I headed to New York City to see Matt, one of my cherished friends from Semester at Sea.  Driving in the city was a nightmare as always but so worth it to spend a few hours with Matt.

East Coast 2015 024
The only picture I took of the city was while I was driving & trying not to die… that “there it is!” moment everyone has when the NYC skyline comes into view.

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