Sky Pond

My favorite hikes deserve blog posts dedicated solely to them.

This month Shaun played tour guide and took me on one of his favorite hikes in Colorado.  Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Well, now it’s one of MY favorites, and I can’t wait to share this beautiful spot with friends and/or family in the future!

To note:  This hike is in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It is NOT dog friendly because dogs aren’t allowed on the trails in RMNP.  The entry fee to RMNP is $20, unless you have a season pass ($40) or you arrive before 8am or after 5pm (entry is free during these times!).  It’s long – 9.0 miles round trip – but easy to moderate with one section of scrambling up a waterfall to reach sky pond.  You travel through an aspen forest, get to see tons of waterfalls, pass by two lakes on the way to Sky Pond, get to scramble up the side of a waterfall, have beautiful views of RMNP and if you start early enough you can avoid most of the crowds on the way up.


I made friends on the trail.  Shaun thought I was going to get a disease. skypond8

How amazing is this view from Sky Pond?  I mean – that ridge?! skypond7

The Loch Vale.  Ah-mazing.  One of the three lakes on the trail.


One of the many waterfalls along the trail.


Another waterfall on the trail.


While Sky Pond is pretty… glass lake, the lake before sky pond, is mesmerizing. skypond3

Shaun playing tour guide 🙂


Me at Sky Pond!SkyPond1The wonderful aspens with their changing leave colors along the trail.

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