Copper is NINE years old!

What a year it’s been for my little fur child.

Shortly before his eighth birthday he went through his first ACL surgery on his right leg.  This Thursday, shortly after his ninth birthday, he’ll have his second ACL surgery but this time on his left leg.  He tore his ACL (CCL is what it’s referred to in dogs) last week while running.  It’s common for dogs who tear one ACL to tear another within a year.  Sadly, he became a part of that statistic.

Despite a surgery, the recovery process & a new injury, Copper has had a fun filled year and as always has been my faithful, loving, protective, spunky constant companion for another year in this life.

Here are some highlights from this past year!  We had so much fun on the beaches of California, in the mountains of Colorado, adding a new member to our family & just doing life together.

CopperBeach2016CopperCollar2016CopperTelluride2016CopperTellurideCamping2016MeCopper2016IMG_7170Jenn's Iphone 431JennsPhoneJuly2015 281


1 thought on “Copper is NINE years old!

  1. Looks like you’ve had an awesome year with your fur baby! My in-laws had both their large dogs go through the same surgeries, each with one leg. I have my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

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