Mental Battles on the Mountain

On Saturday three of us climbed another 14er – Mt. Belford.  8 miles round trip, 4,500 gain & several long hours of hiking up and down steep terrain and battling slick snowy spots on the side of the mountain.

This one was a huge mental battle for me after freaking out on Huron the week before (see previous post) and I feel so thankful to have had Amy and Josh with me to help me literally place one foot in front of the other, face my fears of exposure and snow on slopes and continue up (and down) the mountain.

One of my favorite quotes is Getting to the top is an option, getting down is mandatory…

When I think about why I hike and climb mountains a few things come to mind.  My mom asked the other day and I told her it’s like an addiction.  When I explained further she replied, “it really sounds like someone who is on drugs.”

 I told her when I’m on the mountain my senses are overwhelmed – I feel so alive and that feeling is literally addicting.  

Im cold, I’m hot, I’m tired, I’m breathless, my heart beats out of my chest, I’m scared, I’m excited, I’m happy,I’m  curious, I feel accomplished, I’m in awe.  While I’m up there I ask why I do it.  As soon as I’m done I ask when I can do it again.

We made it to the summit on Saturday and stood up there above the rest of the United States.  It was perfect. 

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