My Fourteenth 14er – La Plata

La Plata was so awesome it deserves it’s own post.  Much like Huron and Elbert.

I made it to the top of La Plata a few Fridays ago.  The hike itself was gorgeous and I enjoyed the low exposure ridge and summit.  The varying terrain definitely made the hike thoroughly enjoyable for me.  And not to mention the wildflowers 🙂




The trail begins right off of a paved road.  I parked my car, prepared Zainey with her pack & collar and we were off.  You walk a bit down a private road and then turn left to head out on the trail.  The trail starts really flat and then winds up through steep forest and is beautiful!!! There is a creek that flows most of the way through treeline.  A steep elevation gain section is made easier by wooden stairs in the hillside.

Once out of the thick forest you’re treated to a beautiful meadow.


Once above treeline you’re hiking along the side of the mountain until reaching the ridge.  Once on the ridge it’s a beautiful view of Ellingwood – the class 3 ridge – and the ridge up to the summit.  Rocks cover the trail before the summit and some route finding is necessary.  But nothing is difficult.  Zainey even managed to find some snow to roll in.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE La Plata and have a feeling it will be one of my “must do’s” each summer. It was that awesome.


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