Worst Blogger Award

…definitely goes to me. I always have these awesome ideas of updating every week or at least every month.  And I always fail.  Such is life, I suppose. Sorry readers.  Does anyone even still read this? Yes family I know you do 🙂 Hi!

It’s been two months since I last updated about Mt. of The Holy Cross. I managed to get in two new 14ers after that and three total with the final one of the season being a repeat.  I really wanted to get 16 new summits this year but only managed to get 11 new ones. They were…

La Plata
Mt. of The Holy Cross


Not bad, I know, but I am disappointed for not meeting my goal. 2017 will be a busy year with many new summits on the must-summit list.

Speaking of 2017. A lot has changed lately and I’m really excited for the new year. First, I got back into the world of dating. Go me! Not. It’s complicated. Especially when you’re busy. Andrew came back into my life for a bit. That was a disaster. Moving on…

Second, Tyler moved here in October and we moved into a two bedroom apartment. It’s so different having a roommate but it’s been working out really well & I’m happy. The dogs love him. He loves the dogs. It’s amazing to have family in town. Halloween was a blast with all my friends. And then We spent Thanksgiving here. I cooked. We watched football. And then last week we went to see the Chiefs dominate the Broncos downtown at Sports Authority Field. Quality brother & sister bonding, let me tell you! It’s been so fun having him here. We head back to California in two weeks for the Christmas holiday. Can’t wait!


I was a witch for Halloween.  Ty Ty was Trump 🙂  Our friend Jason was Romney


Third, I just gave my notice of resignation from my full time job. That was a giant step. Right now I have nothing lined up but come mid-January I’ll likely be taking a travel assignment somewhere. Just for three months. Whether that’s here in Colorado or home in California or another state close by, I don’t know. But what I do know is making several months worth of pay in just three months is great. If only Colorado paid their nurses better, I wouldn’t be so tempted to take these travel assignments every winter.

Fourth, I’m almost finished with my masters program. I just started my final course and in February I will begin my final practicum. Then, graduation!!! Time is flying.

So that’s it. The update. Life is moving aloneg. It’s sure different than I predicted. This year has been amazing. I am so excited to see what 2017 has in store.

4 thoughts on “Worst Blogger Award

  1. beverly reynolds December 6, 2016 — 6:55 am

    Hey jen. I enjoy reading your posts…Remember me? You trained me in to take care of John and Evelyn in castle rock. However it didn’t work out with the daughter in law….anyways I am happy where I am now. Working in wheatridge at The rehabiliatation at sandalwood, going on 2 years! Emjoy your posts!!! Good luck with your adventures!

    1. I totally remember 🙂 The daughter in law was definitely very particular!!! I am glad to hear you are doing well!! I work as a nurse at Denver Health and love it!

      1. beverly reynolds March 21, 2017 — 9:37 pm

        I am glad to hear you like your job at Denver health. You are amazing and I am sure they love you there too!!!

  2. Where is Tyler moving to when you become a travelling nurse ?? ________________________________________

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