Utah Trip | Bryce Canyon National Park (Part 2)

Continued from my previous post Utah Trip | Zion National Park (Part 1) 

After spending three nights in & around Zion National Park, we headed about an hour away to our home base for exploring Bryce Canyon National Park.

On the way there, we drove through a couple of tiny, TINY, towns.  One place had a sign that said something about homemade pie…. so we stopped and picked up two slices of apple pie with rum caramel sauce for later 🙂 We earned it!

The cabin was perfect!  It was quiet, clean and actually really impressive.  A modern yet rustic vibe.  Neat decorations.  Well built.  Perfect for two nights. We met the owners when we got there and they were friendly.  After days without showers we were finally happy to be able to get cleaned up and relax.

The next day we got ready and headed to Bryce Canyon National Park for the day.  We paid the $30 National Park entrance free, got a map, and picked an area to explore.  We decided to spend our time in Bryce Canyon hiking the easy Navajo Loop. To say it was beautiful and unique is quite the understatement.  We loved it.



After our 3+ mile loop in which we fully enjoyed the beautiful scenery, we decided to call it a day at Bryce Canyon.  Some day in the future I’d like to explore more but we’d been racking up the miles and were ready for a sit-down lunch and to relax for the rest of the night on our final night in Utah before the 9 hour drive back home the next day.  We left the Park and headed to lunch.

Photos belong to Ruby’s Inn: https://www.rubysinn.com/

Lunch was at Ruby’s Inn Restaurant.  If you’re heading to Bryce this is an excellent spot to be aware of… It has a restaurant with two salad bars, a buffet, regular menu items AND it is a hotel, has a gift shop and most importantly for us – a small grocery store & all purpose hiking/camping store.  We picked up tortillas, cheese, chips & salsa to make dinner back at the cabin.  Perfect.

That night we relaxed, cooked our dinner, ate that delicious pie we’d picked up the day before and watched a movie because much to our delight (well, mine!), the cabin had a Tv and Netflix which came in very handy for our final night.  I was exhausted and wanted nothing but a couch, dessert and a movie.

The next day, Tuesday, we drove back to Colorado.  We stopped in Grand Junction for some much craved Mexican food at Rio Cafe & made it home to the dogs before dark.  What a wonderful trip Utah was!  Thanks to Tyler for dog sitting my best friends, to Ben for planning most of our trip and for letting me listen to 90’s Pop songs and way too much John Mayer on the way back. I can’t wait for the next road trip!


1 thought on “Utah Trip | Bryce Canyon National Park (Part 2)

  1. Such a beautiful area! Can’t wait to visit there next year. Glad you had a nice trip!

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