Hut Trip #2 ReCap ~ A quiet dream

There is this place in Colorado I had never been. I’d never even heard of it.  It’s called State Forest State Park & the beautiful Nokhu Crags exist there. Nokhu Crags is a rock formation and mountain summit of the Never Summer Mountain range in the rocky mountains of Colorado.

Ben and I were into our first month of dating but since things were going so well we decided to book a trip away to a hut.  It was the end of January and both of us were craving another trip.

My previous post  describes my first hut trip of the season where I met Ben.  Since our first hut trip was so special we wanted to visit another.  This time, we picked a smaller hut with Never Summer Nordic Huts & Yurts. So you’re aware – they have a ton of availability throughout the winter and summer months.

Ben did the research and booked us two nights at the Nokhu Hut.  It was only a 1.5 mile snow shoe in from the parking area so it was perfect for just the two of us with our heavy backpacks.  Ben’s was the heaviest, I’ll add, since he didn’t want me carrying that heavy of a pack.  Such the gentleman…. even though I have carried my fair share of packs well before meeting him 😉  I must say, he spoils me.  And though I like to be tough and carry my own weight in my back…. it’s kind of nice to be spoiled.

Prior to driving to the trail head, I had worked the two nights before. I worked an overnight and headed straight home.  Ben picked me up and we headed out. I knew I was going to be exhausted hiking in. Luckily it was shorter and since Ben did carry more than half of the weight, I was okay with hiking in on exhaustion. Once at the hut I could nap all I wanted. We had no plans.

Below: Here is the route to our hut from the parking lot.  As you can see, we would be surrounded by beautiful scenery.


Near the beginning of the trek

Starting off…

We had some fresh ski & snow shoe tracks to follow

Ben leading the way

Our hut is somewhere around here…. look how much snow they had recently!!!


Porch, Snow shoes, Animal safe food storage

View from our hut


Inside of the hut.  It can sleep up to 6.

Posted on the hut wall?

Gotta love an outhouse! This outhouse has two stalls. It is shared with the neighboring Agnes Creek Hut.
Our time at the hut was spent relaxing, making food, lounging, watching a couple of movies on my iPad and hiking to the lake closest to our hut.  It was a cold and snowy trip. It was BEAUTIFUL and a rare area of Colorado that is quiet and relatively free of people.  We absolutely loved it.  We seriously cannot wait to go back this summer.  The Nokhu Crags are absolutely beautiful!!!

Trying to take a picture of us together while setting my phone on top of snow…. it got foggy

Ben exploring the Crags

Ben hiking up to glissade down

Beautiful Lake!!!


Ben made us duck gumbo.

Dinner for two 🙂

How interesting…. Neptune? We have the same favorite mountaineering shop. He wore this shirt the first weekend we met….. he definitely sparked my interest with that!

Nokhu Hut! This stove had no trouble at all heating up the hut.

Our little hut!

The hike out 🙂

Beautiful area!

Day 3

Hiking out….

Views from Day 3

We absolutely loved this trip.   We seriously cannot wait to go back this summer.  The Nokhu Crags are absolutely beautiful!!!

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  1. Wow, This looks amazing!

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