Making a big world small

There are so many different aspects of preparing for a trip like this.

Tonight I’m going to talk about the whole asking for help aspect. Because it’s probably been the hardest. I don’t like asking for help. Ever. I stress when thinking about doing it, then I stress right before doing it, then I stress doing it, then I stress once I’ve done it, and then I stress after the fact.

I’ve utilized email and social media to ask for donations for this trip.  It feels weird to ask for donations from people. One reason being– I have too much pride. I have needed to humble myself.  I’m trying.  And in doing so, it’s been hard, but rewarding. (I talked about other reasons in my previous post, if you’re interested in reading a more in depth look into my feelings, check my previous blog post: Fear; and Africa)

Tonight I was looking over my donor list. It’s been somewhat difficult for me to access this list because Service Reef (the platform used by the church) is not the easiest online tool for donating and I have to search hard for this list. Sometimes I can find it easily and sometimes I try for a while and then give up and come back another day. The internet seems so easy… but it can be a pain in the butt!!!

Anyway, I was able to see my donor list tonight. And aside from my parents and Ben’s parents and my former employer and a couple of my friends here in Colorado… the donations have come from my internet friends.

Yes, internet friends, or, friends I have not met in person. One of these – a woman -messaged me online to ask more about my trip. She then referred me to another friend of hers who was recently serving in Kenya. And then she let me know she’d be praying for me, and she donated to my mission.  Another guy has been my Facebook friend and Instagram friend for YEARS. He used to live near here, then moved back home.  We’ve still followed each others lives, without ever meeting. I can’t remember how we found each others accounts. Maybe because of our dogs? Our mutual interest in fishing?

There are others. And I see them. And I thank them… from the bottom of my heart.

I find this aspect of the mission trip preparation process to be humbling, and overwhelmingly wonderful. I am thankful like I’ve never been before… and I’m personally challenged to take an interest in the doings of others and to pay this forward.

I once read that the internet turns a big world into a small town.  And while I sometimes feel the internet does the exact opposite… and makes us feel more alone than ever… just sometimes, it really does make a big place seem so very small.

Thus far my favorite part about going to Africa, has been the support I’ve received to go to Africa.

So if you’re reading… you know who you are. And I thank you so much!  You have been an answer to prayer ❤  And not only if you’ve donated, but if you’ve messaged me privately about this important part of my life, too.  The texts, the emails, the direct messages expressing your excitement for me, or asking questions about the trip.

Because of your support I have been humbled and have had my eyes opened to the power of good, and the power of truly taking an interest in others lives… even if its just through a computer or phone screen. ❤

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