First signs of winter

A few days ago, after being hunkered down at home as the self-made victims of cold, overcast and rainy weather for far too many days… We decided to get out the cold weather gear and head up to the mountains.

My favorite near by spot is the Indian Peaks Wilderness. It’s where I spent a big chunk of time this past summer & where I’ll continue to spend a big chunk of time this winter.

The Indian Peaks Wilderness Area is a beautiful region about an hour from where I live. Full of trails, wildlife and gorgeous peaks; it offers so much to the adventurous soul.

The first real, measurable snow of the season is always exciting and bittersweet. Exciting because it represents the changing of the seasons, the forward progression of life, the Christmas season nearing, the up and coming hut trips…

Bittersweet because it’s always hard for me to say goodbye to Colorado’s beautiful summer and spring, to put my 14er hiking on the shelf for several months, to brace myself for colder weather and shorter days.

As always, I remind myself to embrace the change, to be thankful I have someone who enjoys getting outside in ANY weather with me, and to remember that colder weather, snow & changing seasons also means one, huge, detail in the life of a Coloradan—– LESS CROWDED TRAILS ğŸŽ‰

Six or so miles later we reached the car after our snowy, beautiful hike and headed back home where it was still cold, overcast and rainy. No measurable snow yet down low (until later today! It’s on the way now). We stopped in Nederland on our way back and enjoyed the quieter than usual small mountain town. Because if there’s one thing Ben and I love post-hike on a cold, snowy day– it’s finding a tiny coffee shop & indulging in hot chocolate and a sweet or two.

1 thought on “First signs of winter

  1. October 14, 2018 — 10:23 am

    LOVE the pictures and your love of nature. Glad you found your partner in all these adventures! XOXO

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