Four days until Africa

I can’t believe the time is almost here.

Yesterday I finished my 5th travel nurse contract. I also signed a new contract and will be staying in Colorado until mid-January, at least. I was blessed enough to get my time off for Uganda πŸ”†

I’ll spend this weekend preparing for my trip by tying up loose ends, picking up a few more necessities and meeting with my team.

Tonight we meet together with our families for a Tibetan meal in my town. A time to get to know each other a little more and pray together. I know I’m excited for Ben to meet the people I’ll spend the next couple of weeks with.

On Monday we meet for our final meeting– it’s a time to review our packing, a final time to have any questions answered, discuss day of departure logistics, etc. We are getting so close!

I am beyond blessed to have raised over $1700 of my $2800 trip cost. My goal was to raise 50% and I’ve raised 60%! God is good.

I’ll be collecting donations until Monday morning and then I’ll make my final payment.

To learn more or support me financially during this medical mission, you can view my online page:


Meanwhile, when I’m not getting ready to leave, you can find me lounging with my favorites (who seem to know I’m leaving very soon):

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