Day 1: An Update from somewhere over the Atlantic.

We’re several hours into our journey now, and yet still several hours from our destination.

The day started when I woke up to my alarm at 5:20am. I showered. Packed the remaining of my bags. Cried looking at Copper lying on the floor by my suitcase. Cried saying goodbye to Zainey. And then walked out the door. But then walked back in to say goodbye to Copper again, kiss him on the forehead, and then headed to Bens truck.

Above: The cards Ben left for me. He is the best. How did I get so lucky?

Ben took me to the airport and came inside with me and stayed for a while while we waited for the whole team to arrive. We prayed as a group and then we were off!

First leg of the trip: a 3 hour or so flight to DC.

Second leg: Currently in the air to Brussels, Belgium. We will arrive around 7am Belgium time. We’ll clean up a bit, grab a meal, and wait for our next flight.

Dinner on our United international flight was good! Chicken & cheesy orzo, salad, bread & mango sorbet for dessert.

Our third and final leg is a flight from Brussels to Entebbe with a quick stop in Rwanda. We won’t get off the plane there– but it’s a stop none the less.

We will arrive in Entebbe late– about 10:45pm. We will catch a bus to a guest house not far. They say the guest house is near Lake Victoria and word from last years Musana Medical trip participant– it’s beautiful. We will spend the night there tomorrow night and then head to Iganga the next morning to get to work.

Our days should be busy working in the clinic and in the field alongside the local Ugandans. We will also have one day to explore Jinja and visit the markets.

I can’t wait to arrive, to see this new place, and to see what Jesus is doing in Uganda through and for His people.

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