It’s beginning to feel a lot like winterrrr

On Thanksgiving day Ben and I did something very different. After just having moved + dealing with all the craziness the day prior, neither one of us wanted to cook. So we went out! We enjoyed a wonderful meal out in downtown Denver before Ben headed out to Kentucky that next morning. It was weird spending the holiday in a restaurant, but the food was really good and I was surprised to see just how many people going out on Thanksgiving. Thanks to Ben for arranging our fancy meal & finding us this place– it was perfect 🦃🍂🍁🌾🥂

Next: Dad and Ty came to visit! They arrived the day after Thanksgiving & stayed for a long weekend. We had fun eating good food, watching football, hiking in the snow and arguing, I mean discussing, politics 🤣

We spent the day hiking in cold temps but gorgeous scenery at Rocky Mountain National Park! So much snow already this year!!!

I loved having them here! Can’t wait to head to California on the 21st for 6 days and spend more time with the fam 🎄

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