This Colorado Life

Sometimes in the hustle & bustle of life & looking toward the future I forget to appreciate what’s going on right this moment.

And right this moment I’m celebrating Colorado and all it is to me and all it has been to me. If I do indeed leave this state… I’ll miss it more than words can express. It’s changed a lot since I arrived 9.5 years ago and sometimes I get frustrated with how Californian it’s becoming. But then I remember it’s not CA, and it’s so different from CA and it really is so very unique. I fell in love with Colorado 9 years ago and weekends like this remind me that I still do love this place so much!

This past weekend was our annual December hut trip and I’m thankful for a weekend off the grid with good people, good food, good weather, good snow, good views…

Thursday night Ben and I dropped the dogs off & then headed towards Aspen. On Friday, after a cold morning & a 9+ mile snowmobile ride in (thanks to my roomie for shuttling us) we made itttttt to our weekend destination.

A small off the grid cabin in the woods that we rented with several friends.

Jon & Joanna. Me & a sled. This was…. quite fun actually 🛷 Even If a little bumpy at times 🤣

There we go! Hut here we come…

Our hut. Hut trips are a Colorado staple. There is nothing quite like the views & the feeling of being out in a simple, off the grid cabin in the woods with people you care about.

So much fun! I just love Colorado and hut trips & this place ☃️ 💕

Next up: our whirlwind month continues as we head to California for a week on Thursday!

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