The Year in Review: 2018

2018 was probably the best year I have ever had. It’s the year I learned to fully love and accept myself for who I am, leave friendships that were not bettering me, chase dreams– all the way to Africa– excel in my career as a travel nurse & see more of this world by doing what I really love… traveling. I am thankful for my health, the health of those close to me, the health of my dogs, a job that helps me pay all my dang student loans + have extra, a solid life here in Colorado, a loving God and a wonderful man who helps me go after everything that my heart wants. Ben is the best! It was an amazing year and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am excited to see what’s in store for us in 2019 πŸ”†

January 2018

This month I was living in California. Ben flew out for his birthday weekend and we spent the weekend in Monterey and Big Sur with Copper.


I was still living in California for work. I treated myself to a nice weekend away in San Diego with my dogs. We stayed at a nice hotel in Del Mar, ate take out & spent the day on the beach.


My travel contract was almost at an end! We had another month in California but needed a break. We met Ben & Beckley half way and spent almost a week in one of our favorite places, Utah! We visited a new spot – Escalante & Grand Staircase National Monument. Had an amazing time 🌡 We hiked, we camped, and we found dinosaur tracks πŸ¦•


I moved back home! My second California travel nurse contract of the year was complete and we packed up and headed back to Colorado. We went on another great hut trip & spring sprung at home.


Ben graduated with his Masters! Law school / Grad school βœ”οΈ I spent the entire month unemployed while awaiting my next contract. We hiked & spent a lot of time with the dogs.


Summer! Almost. I started my new travel nurse contract job out in Eastern Colorado (still there!) and we started hiking again. I got right to work on the 14ers πŸ’•


Summertime! A busy month working. Ben was studying. He left for Alaska & a Mount Rainier attempt. And he shaved his crazy beard– 😁


By August we were in full training mode for Mount Whitney. Lots of hiking, working & summer nights. We took a trip to Telluride and Crested Butte and then to Lake City to hike Redcloud and Sunshine. Ben watched Copper and Zain and I got the double summit on two new 14ers.


Summit month! This was the month we continued training for our big trip and then headed to California where we hiked Mount Whitney, went to Disneyland & ended the month with more hiking. Fall in Colorado is the best!


This was the month of the year. I left for my medical mission trip to Africa!


Back from Africa, back to work, Thanksgiving! Dad and Tyler came to visit me in Colorado and the cold temps arrived.


This month has been non stop crazy busy. Alaska, Hut Trip, Week in California for Christmas πŸŽ„

2018 was so amazzzzzzing! I’m really looking forward to what’s next…

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