It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. President

… no, I’m definitely not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about a man I truly admire, a man I really did have the pleasure of meeting last weekend.

On one of our earlier dates Ben mentioned that he worked for the White House in the Bush-Cheney administration and every three or so years the administration has a big reunion event. He mentioned that maybe I’d get to be his date and meet President George W. Bush.

Of course I didn’t know what to believe early on. But as Ben and I got to know each other I realized that hey, maybe there was a chance!

Ben worked on the domestic policy council and then for the Office of the Vice President.

Last weekend we flew to DC and spent the entire weekend doing DC-type things. We went to an amazing dinner at one of Bens favorite restaurants, visited the Lincoln Monument, got to tour the White House, attended a domestic policy council house party, visited the Bible Museum, got to see the National Cathedral, attended a fundraiser for the War on Terror Memorial and finally- the best part of the trip- we attended the 2019 Bush-Cheney Alumni Reunion.

I got to meet VP Dick Cheney, President Bush and Laura Bush.

What. A. Weekend.

Our time was made better by the fact that Ben is so humble and down to earth about his former DC life. Spending the weekend doing all of this with him, my best friend, was remarkable and a weekend I won’t forget 🙂

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