All Moved In

What a whirlwind this last week has been.

From spending a few days in California with family and friends to immediately coming back and interviewing for a new job, then working a string of overnights and then moving… I am so exhausted. Today is a day off before working 6 out of the next 7 days. At some point this must slow down.

But, we’re settled. Sort of. We need to finish unpacking, but the move is finished! A huge shout out to Bens parents who helped pack up our entire place and take several trips to the mountains with Ben to unload. Then, Bens mom unpacked our entire kitchen, helped organize and took me shopping for new bedding and bathroom. Last night we all went to an excellent dinner in Breckenridge to finally sit down and breathe. I am so lucky they’ll be my in-laws some day!

Below: pictures with Matt and Steph before the John Mayer concert in Sacramento last Tuesday.

Next up: some pictures of our new fireplace– which I love. And There are foxes around 🦊 so Zainey has decided it is acceptable to get onto the couch when she’s home alone to watch for them. She’s a bad girl.

The dogs channeling exactly how I feel this morning! We’re all ready for nice, long naps.

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